Neil Mulholland

United Kingdom °1973
research interests: paragogy, neomedievalism, nonmodern
affiliation: The University of Edinburgh

I am Professor of Contemporary Art Practice & Theory at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the MA Contemporary Art Theory Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland.


I work with the artist Norman Hogg (Concordia, Montréal, Quebec) as the Confraternity of Neoflagellants. We use distributed methods of production and exhibition and diverse post-media narratives to produce works by contemporary and fictitious artisans, journeymen, hosts, anchorites, avatars, Sherlockers and hyper-economists. In spring 2019, we exhibited a new film in Whale Fall at Gossamer Fog in London and had a solo show - pan-pan - at SAW in Ottawa. We completed our new theory-fiction book pan-pan (Punctum, 2020) while in residency at SenseLab in Montréal in the summer of 2019. In April 2020, we published 'Built this City' for Emotionarama a new edition by Andro Semiko and Andrew Hunt. See: thN Lng folk 2 go: Investigating Future Premoderns, Punctum Books, NYC, 2013.


I work with Dan Brown and Jake Watts on Shift/Work, a group that develops workshop models for artistic paragogy, participatory visual methods and open educational resources. I recently published a book -  Re-imagining the Art School: Paragogy and Artistic Learning: Palgrave, 2019
 - that develops the paragogics of Shift/Work into a broader manifesto for art school reform and contributed a Shift/Workshop to Leap into Action a reader on Performative Pedagogices in Art & Design Education (Peter Lang, 2019).


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