Amra Heco

Sweden (residence), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden (citizenship) °1900
research interests: audio-visual, philosophy, phenomenology, art, artistic research, aesthetics, multi-mode epistemological model, multimedia, multiple belonging, multidisciplinary, psychoanalysis, psychology of perception, Jung, gardening, diaspora, quantum field, water; performance; stone;, wind, writing, rhythm language, time, translation, truth, youth, Youth driven, universe, unfinished, unlearned insight, interview, improvisation, interpretation, interactive, orientalism, performance; re-enactment; landspace; site; environment;, participation, Lecture Performance, john cage, jazz, Journal for Artistic Research, holism, harmony, heritage, FILM, food, feminism, doctorate, DIY, sound, Zodiak, criticism, children, Contemporary art, visual art, voice and live electronics, visuals, VIDEO, VISUAL CULTURE, video performance, video installation; performance; landscape; environment;, breathing, new media art, morality
affiliation: film and media

My areas of interest regard identity, belonging, memeory, inclusion and equality in different contexts and settings. Due to that I often find myself expoloring these issues in micro settings - where private, indivual narratives take place, as well as macro settings - where I take on structural disfunctions and dissonances.  My reasearch questions regard how and why we enter and create a piece of work and how the quliaty of that work can be strengthened from an ethical as well as esthetic point of view. I am in particular interested in how depth psychology may inform that process. Audience reception and participation are part of that expoloration.