Tyler Payne

How many hours does it take to be a woman?
Australia °1987
research interests: feminism, art, feminist art, carnal sociology, feminist epistemology, video art, performance art, marxism, parasocial interaction theory, social media, advertising, gender performativity, social construction theory, intersectionality, instagram, intersectional feminism, commodity fetishizm
affiliation: RMIT University

How many hours does it take to be a woman? Every day, women consume beauty products with the hope of achieving the perfect result. My research and art practice embodies that labour. Womanhours, the subject of my Masters of Research, investigates how cosmetic rituals – plucking, waxing, purging and shrinking to perfection –  have intervened on women’s relationships to their bodies. Although imagery of women’s bodies that have passed through these cosmetic rituals is abundant in advertising, the labour which produces this effect is hidden. What is seen instead, is a singular and controlled perspective, a magical product naturalized by the advertisement’s frame. My new work, #antibodies and KIMSPO, investigates how Instagram use and consumption impacts female-users’ body image disturbance and dissatisfaction. I am a PhD candidate at RMIT University within the School of Art, where I also teach digital art.


Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @tybetch

Email: tyler.payne@rmit.edu.au

web: www.tylerpayne.com.au


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