Lona Gaikis

Austria (residence), Canada, Germany (citizenship) °1982
affiliation: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Die Angewandte Vienna

Lona Gaikis is a curator and writer in media art and electronic music. She is a lecturer on current debates in philosophy, society, and the arts and holds a doctoral degree (Dr. Phil.) in Philosophy, Art and Cultural Studies from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her research (2017) focused on the “new key” in the American philosopher Susanne K. Langer, and the meaning of music in artistic practice.


Most recently, she has joined—as the philosopher in the group—an artistic research project that investigates the possibility of prosthetics and phantom limb phenomena as an aesthetic experience (@University of Applied Arts Vienna). Headlined as “An Aesthetics for Prosthetics”, she reflects upon Langer’s Philosophy of Feeling by contrasting it with Kant’s idea of the pathological to possibly expand it by looking at artistic methods and neurophysiological experiments with hand prosthesis.


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