Bella Merlin

research interests: acting, Shakespeare, Directing, verbatim, song-writing
affiliation: University of California, Riverside
Bella Merlin, PhD, is an actor, writer and professor of acting and directing at the University of California, Riverside. Acting includes seasons at Shakespeare & Company, Massachusetts; Colorado Shakespeare Company; the National Theatre, UK;, Out of Joint Theatre Company, UK. Publications include Facing the Fear: An Actor's Guide to Overcoming Stage Fright (Nick Hern Books, 2016); Acting: The Basics (second edition; 2017); The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit (revised edition, 2014); Beyond Stanislavsky: The Psycho-Physical Approach to Actor-Training (Nick Hern Books, 2001) and Konstantin Stanislavskyi: Routledge Performance Practitioners (second edition, 2018). Original works include: Tilly No-Body: Catastrophes of Love (directed by Miles Anderson with soundscape by David Roesner) and Nell Gwynne: A Dramaticke Essaye on Acting and Prostitution (directed by Miles Anderson).


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