Shauna Janssen

Canada °1972
research interests: SITE-SPECIFIC ART, spatial dramaturgy, cities, environmental performance, urban scenography, critical spatial practices, design activism, spatial justice, urban agonisms
affiliation: Assistant Professor of Theatre, and Affiliate Professor of Geography, Planning & Environment, Concordia University, Montreal

Shauna is an urban curator based in Montreal, Canada. Within the context of urban change, Shauna works with artists to create critical spatial practices and site responsive performances, interventions, installations, and collaborative community projects. Her curatorial work involves long-term documentary and site-specific research projects. She works with oral history, post humanist thought, feminist and queer theory to rethink sites, discourses, and themes such as spatial agency, the public sphere, gender, class, race, immigration, gentrification, and the right to the city.

She is a Concordia University Research Chair in Performative Urbanism and the Creative Director of PULSE (performative urbanism lab for spatial, social and scenographic experimentation).


Her ongoing research addresses unresolved architectural urban conditions, the spatial politics of adapting and repurposing postindustrial urban spaces for cultural activities, and the role of art/ists and performance  design in creating politically engaged communities in these spaces.


Current teaching activities and research interests inlcude: spatial dramaturgy, environmental performance, urban scenographies, theatre and the city, urban interventions, site specific performance practices, interdisciplinarity, critical spatial practices.



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