Erik Andersson

Sweden (residence) °1966

Senior lecturer School of Global Studies/University of Gothenburg


Exposition: 10 Diary Entries [2010-12] (01/01/2013) by Simon Granell
Erik Andersson 18/06/2013 at 23:12

Final reflections on

Simon Granell – “10 Diary Entries [2010-12]” - 2013


I think Granell’s exposition is an interesting autobiographical piece. What makes the piece interesting is the choice of the rigid academic protocol for references, and then using it to produce a cascading exposé of the intellectual universe of himself as a painter. The almost physical presence of his private library brings out the smell of book-dust and the weight of the volumes. It also becomes a discursive portrait of the cultural heritage of those of us born in the 1960s. There is a certain snobbish flavour about the reference lists, since it also signals how very erudite and open-minded Mr Granell is, but that signal/flavour is not necessarily a bad thing.


The diary quotes as such are quite nice, swinging from searching thoughts on the aim of artistic struggle, to sweeping philosophical declarations. I take it as a manifestation of honesty that Granell doesn’t censor himself but let all the varieties of reflections that may develop or pop up in the studio be represented in the diary quotes.


I think the internet design of the exposition is good, simple, pedagogical and also serves the artistic dimension well. The non-linear chronological order of the diary entries is mysterious, however. One wonders why this particular order has been chosen.


Granell’s introductory text is instructive and thoughtful, and helps us understand how he arrived at this particular piece, its format and layout. A general warning to future artistic researchers (or artists) might perhaps be drawn from Granell’s use of the Jullien quote: Never declare what the audience will experience, because the experience will always be richer than your attempt to describe it. For I really think the piece is a rich experience well worth engaging in on its own merits. It is almost as if the appendix (one of Granell’s paintings) is diminishing the effect of the piece by tying my experience and thoughts to one specific instance of material colour. But then again, this is artistic research, and the appendix establishes a productive link to the painting process that the piece originates from, and points back to.

Gothenburg, 10 June 2013