Anders-Petter Andersson

Norway (residence), Sweden (citizenship)
research interests: music, interactive art, interactive sound and music, multi-sensory environments, Tangible Interaction, sensorial interaction, Media Arts, relational aesthetics, Health
affiliation: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Anders-Petter Andersson is a sound designer, musicologist and associate professor in Interaction Design at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Since 2000 he is a member of the group for interactive art, MusicalFieldsForever. Together with composer (KMH), video artist and developer Fredrik Olofsson and industrial designer and interaction designer Birgitta Cappelen (AHO), he explores new forms of expression in interactive media by creating open, audio-tactile, tangible art installations.  In his PhD thesis at Göteborg University, "Interactive Music Composition", Andersson discusses how one can compose musically satisfying sound for games, tangible installations and interactive applications. Music where the listening role is complex, as the listener participates and alters the composition. With knowledge from improvisation and musicking he develops composition techniques for tangible and interactive environments such as Polly World, Do-Be-DJ and Orfi. Anders-Petter founded the BA programme in Interactive Sound Design, Kristianstad University, combining music and computers.


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