Susan Merrick

United Kingdom (residence) °1980
research interests: socially engaged art, artistic research, art practice, live art, visual art

Susan Merrick is an Artist and Sign Language Interpreter interested in creating dialogue that perpetuates both art practice and social research. Susan has been running her project Statements in Semaphore for three years. Initially instigated by a creative residency at the National Archives the project focuses on access to Women's voices through workshop based dialogue. She is also interested in how this feeds back to the organisations she works with, the social research involved and the art practice that this instigates. Working with participants, organisations and collaborating artists Susan is investigating whether this approach can form a cyclical and sustainable method for research via art practice.


Exposition: PERFORMED REALNESS: On Participatory Art and its Ethics (01/10/2018) by Johanna Lecklin
Susan Merrick 19/12/2018 at 12:07

Hi Johanna


This research sounds incredibly interesting and would be of great use to my own work. I really appreciate you providing the abstract in English and I wonder if you have an English version of the thesis anywhere that I could read.


Many thanks