Rhiannon Jones

United Kingdom °1981
research interests: artistic research, dialogue, socially engaged art, conversations, practice as research, performance, Visual and Performing Arts
affiliation: University of Derby, Primary Studios (Nottingham)

Rhiannon Jones is an arts practitioner and resident artist at Primary Studios, Nottingham, UK. She is currently a Post Doctoral Researcher for the Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre (DMARC), College of Arts at the University of Derby. She co-founded InDialogue (2012 - present) an International biannual symposium for artists, researchers and Industry, exploring the use of dialogue through practice. She has a PhD by practice from Nottingham Trent University (2016). In which her research looked at conversation through a body of practice that looks at the performative and tactile nature of The Artistry of ConversationCurrently, Rhiannon’s research is focused on the artistic and spacial curatation of conversation and the design and usages of dialogue within the arts. 


Her research continues to focus on socially engaged practices and methods of documentation as practice.  She often works closely with both Industry and Academia to generate spaces for conversation between HE and Creative Cultural Organisations.  Her research process is always collaborative and typically the work manifests in the form of exhibitions, published texts and symposia operating both Nationally and Internationally. 


 She is a working group member of the International Contemporary Art Working Group Cumulus (2012-present). Until very recently Rhiannon was General Manager of Third Angel Theatre Company (ACE portfolio), and Associate Lecturer at NTU in the school of Art and Design. She is a freelance mentor to arts industry professionals and new and emerging artists.  



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