Ylva Gislen

Sweden (residence)

Ylva Gislén has been working as a cultural journalist and as culture and media producer for many years, apart from working in academia in various positions 1998-2015. Since her dissertation in interaction design in 2003 she has been focusing on epistemological questions and implications of artistic research and practice based research in art and design while working as senior lecturer in interaction design at Malmö university from 2006, Head of the Culture and Media Dept at K3, Malmö University 2006-2007, Head of Education and Head of Research at the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Drama in Stockholm 2008-2009 and as senior researcher in new media and social innovation at MEDEA, Malmö University during 2010. Between 2010-2015 she was director of the joint Swedish research school for artistic research, Konstnärliga forskarskolan. She still has an affiliation as docent in artistic practice at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University, but has since 2016 gone back to focusing on artistic work; as a poet, translator and gardener. 2018 she has, together with two friends and writer colleagues founded a small publishing cooperative, Palaver Press.


Exposition: Trapped to Reveal - On webcam mediated communication and collaboration. (01/01/2012) by Annie Abrahams
Ylva Gislen 10/12/2012 at 22:51

What I really miss is a mapping of and a discussion about the work of Annie Abrahams in relation to the work of other artists and artistic researchers who are working with similar issues. From the top of my tongue I could mention Susan Kozel’s ongoing work in Social choreographies, Mette Ingvartsen’s Where is my privacy (in collaboration with Sira Foighel Brutmann and Manon Santkin) and projects such as Threads and Stitching together made by Åsa Lindström and Kristina Ståhl. How would Annie Abrahams describe and explain the intentions, methods and outcomes of her projects in relation to for example those explorations of self representation, communication, timing, mistaking, bodily presence/absence?