Masako Awaji

Netherlands (residence), Japan (citizenship)

Masako Awaji is a native of Japan. She graduated from the Bachelor program of the Royal Conservatoire Den Haag in 2017, and is currently a Master student. Masako studies the harpsichord and fortepiano with Siebe Henstra, Richard Egarr, Bart van Oort and Petra Somlai. 

She has won prizes in Italy ( Gianni Gambi International Harpsichord Competition, 2017, 3rd prize), Poland (First International Basso continuo and Partimento Competition, 2019, special concert prize) and Romenia (La Stravaganza First International Harpsichord Competition,2019, 1st prize). She is now taking part in the Young Bach Fellowship with the Netherlands Bach Society, joining concerts in 2020. 


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