Lise Hovik

Theatre Artist
Norway °1962
research interests: theatre for early years, theater installation, art for the very young, art education, artistic reasearch, musical communication, affect, affective pedagogics, Becoming, rhythm language, improvisation, Participatory Art, play, posthumanism, New Materialism
affiliation: Professor of drama and theatre at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education

I am Lise Hovik, an artist and researcher within the field of children´s art and theatre. In 2004 I established the theatre company Teater Fot. The works and productions are mainly children´s theatre, and theatre for the very young especially. My research has been focusing on musical communication between performers and young children. I have been working as a drama and theatre teacher at Queen Maud College of Early Childhood Education, DMMH since 1996. In May 2014 I defended my Ph.D thesis on theatre for the very young, The Red Shoes Project at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, department of Art and media studies. The Ph.d.-project was an artistic research project within an academic program of aesthetics. 


Main artistic research projects:

2008-10: De Røde Skoene / The Red Shoes Project, a performance project for children under 3 years of age, investigating young children´s interaction within different performance formats.

2012-18: Du skal få høre fuglesang / You will hear birdsong, a trilogy which is still touring, researching interactive dramaturgies in performing arts for children.

2017-21: Verken fugl eller fisk / Neither fish nor fowlResearch on the significance of affect in theatre for Early Years in a posthumanist perspective. Affect is investigated both in philosophical, emotional and (new) materialist terms. This artistic research process is documented as work-in-progress in RC, presenting the various performances of the project: Baby Becomings (2018), Animalium (2019), Sky and Sea (2020)

More information on the company, the performances and the research project on our website



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