Daniel Romero Nieto

Affordance materiality.
Norway (residence), Mexico (citizenship) °1980
research interests: art based research, materiality, affordances, transformation, Alchemy, creativity process, quantum field
affiliation: www.daroni.art

Romero is based in Trondheim Norway and develops as an visual artist between Norway, Mexico and Italy. 

Romero's artistic journey has been profoundly shaped by cognitive challenges as a result of the traumatic events of his childhood. The unique combination of experiences, his studies in architecture and his training as a researcher in the world of Quantum Physical Chemistry shape his vision, fostering a holistic sensing of the world and make sense the world around him.


His artistic career has been enriched with numerous collective and individual exhibitions in museums and galleries in Mexico and countries such as: Italy, Norway, and England. As well as publications and seminars that align with the core disciplines of his creative practice.

His affiliation includes the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), with the International Association of Visual Artists affiliated with ONG-UNESCO (IAA), contributing to the global conversation on visual arts and culture. Rooted in his Mexican heritage, he is also a valued member of the Association of Visual Artists in Mexico (ARTAC - AIAP), cherishing the connection to his cultural roots and artistic community. Additionally, He is associated with the "Gruppo78," an international contemporary art group in Trieste, further expanding his artistic horizons and networking opportunities.






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  • DANIEL (2007-2010)
    Degree: Doctorate, UNAM (Mexico), recipient: Daniel Romero Nieto
    Artistic Work This proposal is "through art" where the practice is explored and reflect in action through self-examination, is a structure that involves the act of creation, but has purpose an analytical and theoretical approach to this process. Both science and art come from the same root as is "creative curiosity" each with a particular language, but the Art@Science proposes to unify these two ways to describe new communication languages, the intimate curiosity of the individual and creative curiosity of the universe. I use Art@Science as a tool that allow me to explore reality, in different paths of knowledge. Using art and science as the main methodology to explore the mechanism of perception by studying the morphic resonance theory and creation mechanism by analysing the subconscious mind. The main goal of this research is to provide pictorial-experimental-theoretical bases of starting a new aesthetic theory.