Elsa Kosmack Vaara

Sweden °-1973
research interests: time, artistic research, culinary arts, transdiciplinarity, prototyping, sustainability, participatory culture, participatory design
affiliation: RISE

Elsa Kosmack Vaara is an artistic user experience and interaction design researcher (PhD from the Royal Academy of Technology in Stockholm), former musician and engaged in artistic participatory processes. Elsa was a researcher in Mobile Life Vinnova excellence centre and worked in Affective Health, a project investigating people's aesthetic experiences in relation to stress, biosensor technology and empowerment. Her research developed in to a PhD that focused on ways that the aesthetic of temporal form can be explored and prototyped through artistic processes. Elsa works in a transdisciplinary approach and develops co-creation methods. She is involved in research projects investigating inclusion, diversity and AI, how to improve the work environment in process industry.


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