Tuija Kokkonen


Tuija Kokkonen is a director, writer and professor of artistic research (Dr.) at the University of the Arts Helsinki. Since 1996 she has been working on a series of site-specific ‘memo performances’, as the director and the artistic director of Maus&Orlovski, an ever-changing performance collective of artists from various fields. The memos are explorations on relationships between performance, nature and time. They chart terrains between genres of art, between species; terrains where aesthetics, ethics and politics are inseparable. Her doctoral research project (2006-17) at the Theatre Academy of Finland was titled ‘The potential nature of performance. The relationship to nonhuman in the performance event from the perspective of duration and potentiality’. The work incorporates a series of interspecies, site-spesific performances called Memos of Time - performances with and for non-humans (2006–). Her lates performance series as part of a new research project is entitled Kemi - Memos of Trees (2022–).


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