Markéta Dolejšová

making and using DIY tools for everyday food science
Singapore (residence), Czech Republic (citizenship) °1986
affiliation: National University of Singapore

Markéta Dolejšová is a Ph.D. researcher at National University of Singapore (Communication and New Media Department), where she writes about diet customization through DIY powdered foods. Within her thesis, she studies communities of citizens gathered around soylent powdered food replacements and looks at dietary sensitivities of time-poor consumers residing in busy cities. Her overall interest is in DIY hacker & maker style food practices and emerging R&D initiatives focused on various issues in food studies. This focus on food practices stems from her long-term passion for posthuman phantasies, everyday cyborgs, and various strategies of DIY self-enhancement that she sees as directly related to what we eat (her MA is on "Posthuman tendencies in performance art"). Apart from school activities, she is active as food designer and tinkerer obsessed with electrified carrots (, open source sauces ( and cloudy fermented jars ( 


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