Joshua Hale

Canada (residence), United States (citizenship)
research interests: creativity, arts-based research, interdisciplinarity, design, visual art, hybridity, art and environment, human centered design

Joshua Hale is a visual artist and designer based in British Columbia. He is Assistant Professor and Chair of Art + Design at Trinity Western University. 

Having professional and educational experience in both the design and studio art realms, he sees his work through a cross-disciplinary lens, identifying as an art and design educator, studio artist, and designer. This unique combination of experience has allowed him to explore the ways in which these areas interrelate.

His research interests are similarly united by an exploration of the overlaps and hybrid areas that exist between concepts, such as art, design, language, cultural identity, human systems, and nature. He is also interested in the exploration of creative thinking processes, creative problem solving techniques, and design methodologies, which has led him to infuse several of these tools and processes into his studio work, as well as into the academic environment.


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