Eva Maria Gauss


Exposition: Talking in Circles: Interview, Conversation, Metalogue (01/01/2014) by Amber Yared
Eva Maria Gauss 09/06/2014 at 21:48

To make it very short: The heart of this contribution is the epistemology of a method (interview) in qualitative social research and ethnology on the one hand and in community-based-art on the other.. And this makes it so important! It is exactly this method of qualitative research having had its discussion about the epistemic value in academia itself, was then taken up by art practices and can now rise this question in a new way from the experience in the artistic work- taking into acount that the use and demands of doing interviews in the arts are others, their „epistemic“ potentials, too. (?) It makes fun to see how this topic is played through a conversation (and what characterizes a conversation: how many other topic pop up along). It is interesting to get introduced to the concept of Metalogue by G. Bateson. Does it make fun to see, how Amber and Heather try to follow Beteson's concept and to produce a „Metalogue“? Well – I understand the fascination of „Metalogues“ and of course the circle is a harmonic figure. But isn't it simply the question of the epistemic in narratives?