Ali Mousavi

United Kingdom °1977
research interests: architecture, urban space, Soundart, practice-based research
affiliation: urban researcher & art educator Arts, Design & Architecture Aalto University

Ali Mousavi is an Urban Researcher and Art Educator based in London. He is currently undertaking his PhD research at the Aalto University in Art, Design and Architecture Department, in Helsinki, Finland. His research, “Capital the Vampire of Spaces” focuses on the history of urban form & housing architecture in Middle East in particular Iran. Mousavi’s practice embraces sensorial methodologies such as; sound, smell and cartography to examine city and urban transformation by the forces of global capitalism. His research interests expand into the environmental and ecological issues that confronted our cities all over the globe, in particular sustainable urbanism, biodiversity and alternative/ democratic methods in urban planning and housing architecture. Mousavi has run a number of workshops and lectures on Art & Aesthetic, Social-Engaged Art, Politics of Foods and Everyday Life in London and Tehran. His works have been exhibited in London, Dubai, and Los Angles.


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