Marsha Bradfield

Changing the world through practice-based research in art, design, curating and the built environment
United Kingdom (residence), Canada (citizenship) °1974
research interests: dialogic art, Writing as artistic research, live projects, postartistic, useology, occupational realism
affiliation: Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London

Dr Marsha Bradfield rides the hyphen as an archivist-artist-curator-educator-researcher-writer. This multi-barrelled practice fans out across her work as the director of Artfield Projects. This consultancy explores practice-based research in and beyond the worlds of art and design. Of special interest is the potential of critical cultural production. What is it able to do and to be? Artfield Projects takes up these questions with the same ethos that connects Arte Útil, occupational realism, usology and other means and moves of the postartistic. Bradfield has co-authored research-based experiments in collaborative cultural production with groups including Critical Practice Research Cluster, the Incidental Unit (formerly the Artist Placement Group) and Precarious Workers Brigade. These experiments often result in understanding that Bradfield later re-presents as publications, performative lectures and other dialogic artworks. She has been affiliated with the University of the Arts London for more than a decade. Most recently, Bradfield has helped to develop the REBEL project (Recognising Experience-Based Education and Learning).  


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