Georgios Varoutsos

Sonic Artist
Canada, United Kingdom (residence), Canada (citizenship) °1991
research interests: Soundscapes, soundwalking, urban space, immersive technologies, acoustic ecology, auto-methodologies, covid-19, field recording, field research
affiliation: Queen's University Belfast

I am a sonic artist and researcher from Montreal, Canada. I am currently completing my PhD studies at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have completed a Master’s in Research – Pass with Distinction, in Arts & Humanities with a focus in Sonic Arts at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. As well, I have achieved a BFA with Distinction in Electroacoustic Studies and a BA in Anthropology, both from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

I have presented works in the form of concerts, installations, and presentations throughout Europe and North America. As an artist, I explore the field of sound through an extensive range of projects and performances. My audio creations derive from different inspirations such as field recordings, digital recordings, amplified sound materials, audio processing, synthesis, and experimental techniques. Projects have spread across fixed media, animation soundtracks and effects, performances with CLOrk, and other aspects of sonic research. Signature works encompass an unorthodox depiction of audio manipulation in mind of engendering tension and emotional reactions.

Presently, I  am working on research consisting of spatial audio, urban arts, sound studies, sonic arts, and socially engaged arts. I am also focusing on the combination of sonic material within immersive environments through VR, AR, AAR, and spatial audio techniques.