Marie Fahlin

choreography, curating
Sweden °1966
research interests: Choreography, curating, dressage, centaur, centauring, exhibition, exhibitor, articulation, affect, transposition, composition, transcarnation, touch, tack, aids, terminology, ‘found practice’, ‘found choreography’, expanded choreography, one, oneness, manège, poetry, intimacy, listening, entanglement, embodiment, discursivity, diagram, performing, preforming
affiliation: Stockholm University of the Arts, SKH

Marie Fahlin is educated at the SNDO, Amsterdam. She works with choreographic transpositions between materials and mediums in her own work and in collaboration with other artists. Within the choreographic field she has extensive experience from being curator, dancer, choreographer and researcher and has been conducting and collaborating in a number of artistic research projects, e.g. Unheimliche Verbindungen together with artist Filippa Arrias (The Royal Institute of Art) and Music in Movement with Stefan Östersjö (The Swedish Research Council). Fahlin is a member of Weld Company since 2013 and together with Rebecca Chentinell she runs the organization Koreografiska Konstitutet. Since 2014 Fahlin is a PhD-candidate in choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts with the project Moving through Choreography – Curating Choreography as an Artistic Practice. The project takes it starting point in questions around how curating is operative as an integrated part of choreography. In her artistic research expositions, Centauring, Fahlin is working with dressage as a found choreographic practice where the terminology, movements and objects from the world of dressage are part of choreographic compositions together with human bodies, exhibitors. 


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