Sepideh Karami

United Kingdom (residence), Iran, Sweden (citizenship) °1976
research interests: architecture, dissident, Writing as artistic research, critical writing, minor architecture
affiliation: Edinburgh College of Art

Sepideh Karami is a PhD, architect, writer, researcher and teacher. Her PhD thesis focused on the idea of Interruption and Dissident Architecture developed through writing practices and critical fiction understood as political practices of making architectural spaces. She graduated from Iran University of Science and Technology with an M.A. in Architecture in 2001. Since graduating, she has been committed to teaching, research and practice. In 2010 she achieved her second masters in "Design for Sustainable Development" at Chalmers University, Sweden and in mid-2010 she started to work as a guest researcher at Umeå School of Architecture. She defended her PhD thesis in April 2018 at KTH School of Architecture, where she holds a lecturer position. She is currently a Simpson Postdoctoral Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art, School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture (ESALA).



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