Egle Oddo

Finland (residence), Italy (citizenship) °1975
research interests: performance, visual arts, vegetal biodiversity, installation, site responsive practices, Site-specific, photography

Egle Oddo b. 1975 in Italy, abitur in Classical Studies 1994, received her Master degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo in 2001.
Her work focuses on linear and non-linear narration as an art form. Interested in operational realism, meant as the presentation of the functional sphere in an aesthetic arrangement and its inter-relations, she combines photography, moving image, installation, sculpture, environmental art, and experimental live art. In her pieces industrial production morphs towards delicate handcraft, life forms appear and emerge out of sculptures and objects, film photography appropriates digital images, selected trash mixes with fashion, precious edible minerals and ancestral recipes are served as part of ritual meals. Her work is present at international biennials, museums and relevant institutions, as well as cutting edge and independent alternative spaces and events.

She lives and works in Helsinki. She is chair of Pixelache trans-disciplinary platform for experimental art, research and activism, and board member of Myymälä2 contemporary art gallery.


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