Raviv Ganchrow

affiliation: Institute of Sonology, University of the Arts, The Hague

Raviv Ganchrow’s work researches the interdependencies between sound, place, and listening, aspects of which are explored through installations, writing, and the development of pressure-forming and vibration-sensing technologies. Recent installations examine context-dependent sites of contemporary listening relating to environmental infrasound (Long-Wave Synthesis), mineral piezoelectricity (Quarzbrecciakammer), materiality of radio transmission (Radio Plays Itself & Forecast for Shipping), and anechoic chambers (work in progress). His ongoing Listening Subjects project tests an ambient circuitry whereby audibility, surroundings, and subjectivity are mutually conductive. He has been teaching architectural design in the graduate program at TU Delft and is currently a faculty member at the Institute of Sonology, University of the Arts, The Hague.


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