Annabel Schouten

Netherlands (citizenship) °1999
research interests: natural system

Annabel Schouten (1999) is always looking for ways to practise aliveness in the work she's making. In the project 'How to become a tree' she researches natural processes within herself, body and mind, and in connection towards natural processes around her. 

"One of the most astonishing habits of nature is that She is constantly moving in an unpredictable way. That makes Her almost impossible to study, I can only approximate Her" says Annabel.

In the research 'How to become a tree' Annabel uses different ways of documentation to study nature: she's measuring, calculating, recording, filming, photographing and experiencing Her. 


"Being an artist is not only about presenting your art when it is finished, it is even more about experiencing the moment in which the art is created" says Annabel.


Therefore, Annabel likes to present the process of making. As this way her audience can take a look up close and experience for themselves the processes she is going through. In the series of researches and performances Annabel makes her audience part of nature and inspires them to think about the connection they have with nature. 


music performance artist, creator, composer, musician: violin, viola, voice and glass, student HKU conservatory



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