Martyna Kosecka

composer and independent researcher
Norway (residence), Poland (citizenship) °1989
research interests: Music analysis, composition, composition technique, composition process, microtonal music, Spectral music, sonoristic music, electroacoustic music, electronic composition

She obtained an MA degree in the composition class of professor Krzysztof Meyer, a BA degree in orchestral conducting in the class of maestro Rafał Jacek Delekta in Music Academy in Kraków (Poland), and an MA in orchestral conducting in the class of maestro Szymon Bywalec in Music Academy in Katowice (Poland). Currently, she works as a freelance composer, conductor, and essayist on new music. She holds a position of artistic co-director at the Tehran Contemporary Music Festival.

From 2018 her compositions are published by Donemus Holland.

Her music uses spectral techniques of sound organization and experiments with scales, tuning, microtone, and time perception. She often uses performative elements in a composition, balancing towards the instrumental theater and improvisation techniques.


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