Brita Lemmens

Netherlands (residence) °1988

Brita Lemmens, born in the Netherlands 1988, has a half Portuguese and half Dutch background. She studied Arts and Culture at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and is currently studying Music at Universidad de las Americas in Ecuador. Throughout her youth and adolecence she has taken singing clases from different singers and played in a variety of bands, duo's and ensambles. 

During her BA in Maastricht she combined the field of Ethnomusicology and Artistic Research in order to research singing techniques. For nine months she conducted an ethnographic research into fado music in Lisbon with a special focus on the learning process of fado singers. The fieldwork in Lisbon was the basis for the JAR exposition 'O fado não se aprende', which she presented as her BA thesis at Maastricht University.


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