Katrin Ackerl Konstantin

Austria °1970
research interests: performance, transdiciplinarity, theater, artistic research, psychology, queer theory, Gender studies
affiliation: University of Salzburg, schau.Räume (show.Rooms)

Mag.a Katrin Ackerl Konstantin,

actress, artistic director and psychologist with a queerfeminist perspective.

Studies at the Conservatorium for Music and Performing Art Vienna and studies of Psychology at the

University of Vienna and the Alpen Adria University, Klagenfurt. Since 1995 actress at state and

municipal theaters, small and medium-sized theaters in the German-speaking world. Since 2003

more than 25 national and international interdisciplinary, intergrative and participative theater

projects. Based in Austria, my investigations in the field of (artistic) research took me also to Czech

Republic, Romania, Denmark, Malta, Mexico and Peru. Artistic director of theatre neuebuehnevillach

(2002-2007), and artistic director of the theater festival Spectrum (2002-2019). Since 2011 I am

artistic director of the performance format show.Rooms. Advisory council for dramtic arts Land of

Carinthia, Member of the working committe for cultural analysis University Vienna. Leader of the

FWF artistic research project „Mapping the Unseen“ realized in Iran, Bangladesh, Croatia and Austria

2019-2021. Currently I am doing my PhD at the department of science and art at the University and

the Mozarteum in Salzburg/Austria.

Publications and Lectures to Participation, Performance and Performativity since 2011.

Awards and Recongnitions by the ministry for art and culture of Austria, Land Carinthia, City of

Vienna and City of Villach and University Mozarteum Salzburg/Austria.




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