Green thing - part 3 (2022)

Duncan Higgins

About this exposition

Green Thing - double forever - VIS draft exposition Green Thing is an ongoing collaborative art work, a negotiated creative exchange, between 2 artists, who are also daughter and father; actively engaging in a dialogue about Green Things. ‘Greeness’ is explored in relation to how this manifests and develops symbolically, physically, historically, and within each of our practices. Creating, documenting, performing and sharing exploratory processes: collaboratively producing an evolving, palimpsestic work. We recently completed a remote, online iteration of this project, Green Thing pt.2 [Green thing pt. 1 was undertaken in March 2020 in the Pipe Factory, Glasgow] while in residence at 2/42 Studios, in the Pipe Factory, Glasgow as part of their Remote Series: work accumulated daily over the span of one week, created by both Higgins’ (Glasgow and Sheffield), in tandem, but apart, which culminated on Thurs 16th at 19.30-20.30PM (UK) with a live online screening and conversation. We Green Thing pt.3 - double forever - will be extracting conversations, dialogues, and forms to mould a further iteration. Green becomes contagious in this way. The work multiplies, fluctuates, is transmitted between one another, released upon the public. It mutates and it passes back between us, it divides and multiplies. After the last iteration, we couldn’t stop seeing Green. It is palimpsestically created, not only because we write over one another, talk over one another, and create together and in relay, but because we are palimpsestic. Our relationship by its very nature means that, whilst we have many different lived experiences, it is essentially shared. We literally share blood and guts. This genetic presupposition results in eerie, unspoken tangents and patterns. It also proves great distinctions. Further from Green thing pt.2, - double forever - will more directly bring together themes around Green, Space, Bile, and Solidarity, to reflect the cyclical interrelational relationship each of these areas have with one another. Right now, green space looks and feels very different than it used to, bile is seen in a heightened state, and solidarity is more important than ever - but we cannot translate these things as we would instinctively; humans have to interact differently. The Greeness within this is rife and key to understanding the progression of psychological, geographical shifts in society as we see it. Green Thing pt.3 - double forever - whilst explorative in its very essence, feels a formalisation of this palimpsest, although still created in perpetual transmission utilised and exploited through the research catalogue as a framework for it’s latest form….A dialogue produced between us through various online platforms - remotely.realised etc ….is the world we are in, ……..to be formed through and in the RC
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last modified09/01/2022
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