Connected Alone (2022)

Arja Anneli Kastinen

About this exposition

This exposition examines the possibilities and problems of using the elements of ancient musical culture for producing new music. It contains eleven video clips and associated texts explaining my artistic research on the Karelian kantele improvisation of the 19th century and earlier, which the kantele players called "soittaa omaa mahtia" ("playing their own power"). The word "mahti" ("power") means inner strength and knowledge. In this article, I call this particular music inner power improvisation. In addition, the article includes two case studies that exemplify the use of tradition and its philosophy as tools in creativity education. I address the question of whether I can surpass the challenges of understanding a musical culture from a different time era and of an entirely different society than my own. Is it possible to receive an insider view through artistic research, by learning to make music according to the information found in the archives, historical texts, and folk music research? How do I perform responsible research and introduce my conclusions and musical interpretations when there is not enough reliable information about the original tradition?
typeresearch exposition
keywordsancient Finnic tradition, kantele, creativity, responsibility, improvisation, change
last modified05/10/2022
share statusprivate
affiliationUniversity of the Arts Helsinki
copyrightArja Kastinen
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
languageBritish English
published inRUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research
portal issue18. Responsibility

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1088877 Six hours of exploratory improvisation_Arja Kastinen Arja Kastinen All rights reserved
1131170 Kuva1Teijosta Arja Kastinen All rights reserved
1628227 Luovan dialogin kaavio_ENG Arja Kastinen All rights reserved
1628235 Laukkosken koululla 17.5.2022 Arja Kastinen All rights reserved
1628346 Laukkosken koululla 17.5.2022 Arja Kastinen All rights reserved
1729850 Psyke kantele Arja Kastinen All rights reserved
1730053 A kantele from Iivana Shemeikka Arja Kastinen CC BY-NC-ND
1730055 The Antero Vornanen's 5-string kantele from the 1930's Arja Kastinen CC BY-NC-ND
1730059 Psyke kantele Arja Kastinen CC BY-NC-ND
1730387 Shemeikka & Okkonen Arja Kastinen CC BY-NC-ND

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