Debris (Enlightenment Panel no 2) (last edited: 2024)

Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni

About this exposition

Sculpted and painted wood, combined with treated rusty objects. Duct tape with boat paint models for metal sheet sculptures, 2020. Digital drawings, 2021, 2023. Dutch steel sailing boat part-restoration and renovation, Amsterdam (with Sean A. Hladkyj), 2019-20. Relief and improvised sculptures made with industrial paints, as well as found objects, were exposed to weather conditions, including heavy rain and wind, over a few months on a floating timber raft. Working with the changes the weather was causing to the ad hoc studio, I made changes until the painting was finished, photographed, then dumped. The relief was collected. I applied the colours from those available in a symbolic manner, abstracting the view of a ghetto in a large city. The objects stand for the landmarks. The pieces would comprise of the scenography for a theatre performance, informed by my conversations with a theatre lighting technician. The event would also include a donation event of the art objects. See external link for the theatre play, based on the tradition of the philosophical dialogue and employing the idea of performing philosophy to make it accessible to a wider audience. Political asylum is offered to people who flee from their countries of origin, because of violations of their dignity, which is a human right, for the political beliefs and personal lifestyle. Drawing on the philosophical notion of impossible objects, the works also attempt an indirect postcolonial critique.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsabstract painting, perspective, collage, relief, boat design, epic theatre, surveillance, Sculpture, community, post-colonial, digital drawing, scenography, global, local, Forensic photography
last modified07/01/2024
statusin progress
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affiliationIndependent, University of Amsterdam
licenseAll rights reserved
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Simple Media

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1139318 Sculpture no 1 Panagiota Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1139320 Sculpture no 1 Panagiota Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1139328 Sculpture no 2a Panagiota Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1139338 Sculpture no 2b Panagiota Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1306090 20200612_212527 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1306092 20200616_140216 P. Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1306094 20200623_214208 P. Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1306104 arrow - copy P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1328834 proof P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1328844 plus P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1328853 images P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1328854 images P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1536359 wooden-swim-raft Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND
1536362 painting Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1536364 painting_ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1536472 actor 1 Creative Commons All rights reserved
1536474 actor 2 Creative Commons All rights reserved
1536478 images Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537474 5cfe2d0a2481b502eec4a767c7fac2a3--concrete-sculpture-art-sculpture Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537483 painting_ Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537502 images Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537511 photography Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537519 download Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537527 art_ Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537550 collage Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537560 landscape Creative Commons All rights reserved
1537569 metal sheet Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND
1585828 Shipping Creative Commons All rights reserved
1597122 image 1 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1597124 image 2 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1598029 Image Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1714844 Image_ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1714847 Image____ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1714859 20200726_172244 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1714861 20200814_120047 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1717119 Sold Creative Commons All rights reserved
1871066 ancient greek colonies Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND
1924301 image ZPNigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1924319 boats ZPNigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2020811 Boarding_Pass_BA0431_AMS_LHR_026 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2020814 Boarding_Pass_BA0431_AMS_LHR_026_page-0001 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2020825 Boarding_Pass_BA0431_AMS_LHR_026 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2020844 Boarding_Pass_BA0431_AMS_LHR_026 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2026470 Mies Van Der Rohe Resor House Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND
2046075 Screenshot1 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2046079 Screenshot2 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2051572 movement1 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2051577 movement2 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2051581 movement3 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2057758 Michaux Untitled 1961 Creative Commons Public domain
2057868 Pevsner Creative Commons Public domain
2065643 Boat1_construction drawings Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2065644 Boat2_construction drawings Z.P.NIgianni CC BY-NC-ND
2065645 Boat4_construction drawings Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2065646 Boat3_construction drawings Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2065647 Drawing from found mechanical part Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2065651 boat _ proposal for a canopy SAHladkyj CC BY-NC-ND
2066390 boat _ proposal for a canopy S.A.Hladkyj CC BY-NC-ND
2066400 Boat_original Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2066406 Boat original Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2073843 Drawing by touch 1 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2073845 Drawing by touch 2 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2084407 NetherlandsWaterMap - Route Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2100303 Gif_boat Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2100304 20200612_212657 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2100307 20190502_101934 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2100875 memory Creative Commons Public domain
2100931 sophie-calle Creative Commons Public domain
2100981 07-Sophie-Calle-Les-Dormeurs-1030x760 Creative Commons Public domain
2101008 memory - Sophie Calle Creative Commons Public domain
2101043 photo marina Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2101049 memory - Calle Creative Commons Public domain
2118890 Studio Creative Commons Public domain
2120520 IMG-20191003-WA0005 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2120523 IMG-20191009-WA0004 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2128345 Serra Creative Commons Public domain
2128813 Serra_ Creative Commons Public domain
2134627 Basquiat Creative Commons Public domain
2137482 drawing2 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2137486 drawing1 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2137491 drawing3 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2137944 music album cover Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2138434 20230304_135331 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2138451 IMG207 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2138459 IMG199 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2138469 IMG206 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2138472 IMG209 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2138480 IMG208 Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2138489 IMG215 Z.P.NIgianni All rights reserved
2138491 sculpture_mould Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2144780 Eva Hesse Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2166132 Paint Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2176894 Vintage Dutch boat Z.P.NIgianni All rights reserved
2186819 acropolismuseum Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2472213 Samo Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND

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