Exploratory essay writing. An aesthetic-phenomenological research practice (last edited: 2022)

Alex Arteaga
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Published as part of: Alex Arteaga, 'Exploratory Essay Writing. An Aesthetic-Phenomenological Research Practice', in the Special Issue 'Practices of Phenomenological and Artistic Research', (eds.) Alex Arteaga, Emma Cocker, Erika Goble, Juha Himanka, Phenomenology & Practice, [Vol. 17, No.1, 2022], pp.190-200. ISSN 1913-4711. See full issue here: https://journals.library.ualberta.ca/pandpr/index.php/pandpr/index</span>
typeresearch exposition
keywordsäasthetic, phenomenlogy, practice
last modified25/10/2022
statusin progress
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