Performance and Pedagogy Working Group (last edited: 2021)

Adelheid Mers, Rumen Rachev

About this exposition

This site will support the working group's online workshops, in June and July 2021. The new Performance Studies international (PSi) working group Performance & Pedagogy (P&P) offers a forum for sharpening questions and workshopping models that arise from the PSi membership. P&P opens conversations spanning embodied being, doing and knowing across multiple dimensions of pedagogy, such as learning, teaching, and institutional contexts of delivery. Our goal is to discover and expand on urgent topics in dialogue with PSi membership across positionalities. This working group can serve as one support system through which to assess existing and imagine new topologies of P&P practices and methods.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsperformance, pedagogy
last modified19/06/2021
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affiliationPerformance Studies international
copyrightAdelheid Mers, Rumen Rachev, and contributors
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
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