Performing with Sonic Tools. An approach to designing and analysing new instruments (2023)

Gaute Barlindhaug

About this exposition

In recent decades, digital technology has accelerated the development of new musical instruments, not only establishing new techniques for creating sound but also enabling new performance practices. From the perspective of the performer, this has significantly broadened their possibility to express themselves, but through earlier experimentations it has become clear to me that audiences have problem comprehend such use of new musical instruments. In a traditional setting, when an artist performs with an instrument the audience can build on their cumulative experience and knowledge to evaluate the skill of an artist. With new experimental instruments such a strategy to understand a performance is not possible. This text describes my work with the dance performance Sound of Silence, and the creation of a device called the Looping Camera. Base on previous experience from using sensor technology in musical performances combined with theories and about the listeners position, we tried find a new approach to the creation of new sound producing devises that could overcome earlier problems with audience comprehension. With our work we tried to create a device that, even if it was largely unfamiliar for the audience, could establish a sense of meaning for the audience by including references to non-musical media technology. This performance also resulted in the developing of an analytical concept, that of “sonic tools”, that is meant to draw attention to the aesthetics of new an unfamiliar instrument through liberating such tools from the dichotomy of musical vs- nonmusical sounds.
typeresearch exposition
keywordssound art, music, musical instruments, aesthetics, dance, musical cognition, R. Murray Schafer, DANCE PERFORMANCE, digital technologies, sonic tool
last modified21/12/2023
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copyrightGaute Barlindhaug
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
languageBritish English
published inJournal for Artistic Research
portal issue31. 31

Simple Media

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1282239 The New Soundscape Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1282563 Picture 1 Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1282575 Picture tre Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1282577 SOS1 Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1284205 Chronophotography Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1284208 Scenografi Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1284209 Gaute Barlindhaug Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1284247 photo Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1286342 I-cube x 1 Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1286408 Mari Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1943297 LAS jakke Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
1943381 LAS aoutakes Gaute Barlindhaug CC BY-NC-ND
2129712 Mitt settupp non CC BY-NC-ND
2129745 Knekking kort non CC BY-NC-ND
2129776 Jakka maria 2 kort non CC BY-NC-ND
2129805 Fall test kort non CC BY-NC-ND
2129809 Mitt settupp non CC BY-NC-ND
2129980 Kamera test non CC BY-NC-ND
2403736 Marey public domain Public domain
2403764 Gaute Barlindhaug Gaute Barlindhaug All rights reserved

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