Playing by Heart (2015)

Inês Serrano Diogo
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Name: Ines Serrano Diogo Main Subject: Classical Trumpet Research coach: Susan Williams Title of research: Playing By Heart Research question: Is the application of the Playing by Heart memorization model useful for learning and performing trumpet orchestral excerpts? Summary of the results: The main objective while undergoing this research was to put the PbH memorization model to test in a real life situation. However, this endeavor resulted in many secondary realizations. Firstly, the very concept of “playing from memory” has evolved from being a process that pursues the interiorization of the rhythmic and melodic figures that compose what we call music (playing without any physical memory aid) to a much more emotional, even spiritual involvement of one’s consciousness with the message the particular music tries to convey, its content and not just its form. This it to say that to know the very essence of what a musical excerpt stands for as well as its context is a much more powerful method than to simply learn it by memory: it is playing it by heart. Although the PbH memorization model was designed to improve performance, the obtained results revealed that while this method sharply boosts such traits as focus and accuracy y (which make for better music), it may have damaged other aspects of performing that require an external; awareness, like a performer’s presence on stage for example. Another interesting effect of this research was its lack of selectivity. This means that although the performer tried to apply the PbH memorization model to a select number of excerpts, the method’s nature (as well as the performer’s brain’s nature) made it impossible to avoid some of its principles to bleed into other excerpts, which were not meant to be affected. The Playing by Heart memorization model is considered applicable and useful in learning and performing trumpet orchestral excerpts. Biography: Ines Serrano Diogo was born in Portimao, Portugal, and started playing the trumpet by the age of 8. She finished her trumpet bachelor degree in Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa (Portugal) in 2012, and is currently finishing her master degree with orchestra specialization at The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.
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