Parallax (House for an artist) (last edited: 2023)

Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni

About this exposition

Design for a new house, scrapped 2002, reworked 2021 with bird observatories on mud landscape. Flipping the initial scaled sketches for the house, I selected the naturally lit staircase as the main sculptural and building element for bird observatories, spread on the mud landscape of a natural bird habitat. The sculptural structures are proposed to be installed on site following the parallactic model, which re-frames the site as the medium through the pieces.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsparallax, site-specificity, Sculpture, art practice, architecture, landscape, observatory, studio, memorial
last modified03/06/2023
statusin progress
share statuspublic
licenseAll rights reserved

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1382808 Scan0001 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1382809 Scan0002 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1382810 Scan0003 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1382811 Scan0004 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1382815 Scan0005 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1382844 Scan0006 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1382851 Scan0007 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1386206 max-warlond-03 Creative Commons All rights reserved
1386209 Scan0001 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1386489 luxury-beach-house-sea-view-swimming-pool-terrace-modern-design-wooden-floor-deck-vacation-home-hotel-d-205120337 Creative Commons All rights reserved
1389217 20211011_135526 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1392692 20211011_183459 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1392698 20211011_190041 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1392716 20211011_194960 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1392971 chair Creative Commons All rights reserved
1393098 Bird Watch Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1393135 images Creative Commons All rights reserved
2069550 sketches from memory using bird's eye view Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2069552 sketches from memory _ using bird's eye view Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2094502 Barjac-Anselm Kiefer Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND
2094824 Concept Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2186531 columns Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved
2186533 space arrangement Z.P.Nigianni All rights reserved

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