Movement first : Directing for Movement-Based Performative Arts (2021)

Lena Stefenson

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Making performances that have movement as a base means in many ways to venture out into an unexplored landscape. What is to be played on stage usually has its origin in a movement-based idea and not in an already written text to be analyzed. How can this work go? Where are the challenges and what methods can be used? Lena Stefenson has written this book on the basis of her own experiences as a choreographing director with examples from various works as well as her own and others' teaching. The text is about how to create the elevated movements in a performance. How to work with theme? With story? What is the relation between text and movement? What does it mean to be a choreographer / director for a movement-based work? How are the last rehearsal weeks going? The book is aimed at anyone who is, or wants to become, a choreographing director or actor in the movement-based performing arts with forms such as dance, mime and circus. It is also aimed at those who generally want to make their scenic work more physical.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsMovement, perfomative art, mime, theatre, pedagogy
last modified19/10/2021
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affiliationStockholms konstnärliga högskola
copyrightLena Stefenson
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inStockholm University of the Arts (SKH)
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