Musings on Pure Play (2021)

Marko Mikael Marila

About this exposition

The experiment reported here seeks inspiration from the interplay in chess between the limitations set by the rules and the playfulness afforded by the instance of playing the game. I replaced the chess pieces with everyday objects that are somehow personally or historically important and familiar to the player. With this experimental performance, I did not wish to point at anything outside the confines of the game, but rather explore whether a game of chess with random everyday objects as pieces is possible in the first place and if any significant discoveries could be made when playing in such a fashion. I treated the rules of the game simply as a starting place or a template, and while successful playing will require basic understanding of the rules of the game, I anticipated that paying attention to and spending time with the objects themselves would be more important.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsplay, games, pure play, chess, objects
last modified03/11/2021
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copyrightMarko Mikael Marila
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