The Aura of Electromagnetic Twilight (2024)

Mikkel Wettre

About this exposition

In this lecture I reflect on recent artistic work relating to perception, technology and bodily awareness. The lecture was part of the Digital Narratives Network Conference held at UiB in 2019. The Digital Narrative Network Conference and Exhibition was a cross-faculty initiative at UiB/KMD with a keynote by N. Katherine Hayles on literature and AI, a series of presentations by scholars, artists and authors, and an exhibition of digital narratives, including a sample of my "Twilight Apparatus" sculpture-series. In my sculpture-work I have taken eyesight and optical phenomena as a starting point for mechanical installations that engage the senses and serve as metaphorical depictions of the relationship between human and technical cognition. My presentation will track the development of recent projects and the role of imaginative awareness.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsElectromagnetic Twilight, Twilight apparatus, Technology, Twilight, Sculpture
last modified21/06/2024
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copyrightMikkel Wettre
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
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1420426 MW Twilight Apparatus Mikkel Wettre CC BY-NC-ND
2904918 Twilight Apparatus II BONO 2016 / Mikkel Wettre All rights reserved

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