A modern analysis of Historical Informed Performance: considerations about the method, its past and its future (2022)

Pedro Antonio Pérez Méndez
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The results of this research will be presented to the public in the form of an exposition in which the whole analysis process will be explained and both an answer to the research question and a reflection about past and future of the Historically Informed Performance influence in the musical stage will be stated. Through this exposition we will be addressing relevant questions about the concept of Historically Informed Performance and its application as a work method that I encounter on my research, such as the use of reconstructed or modern instruments, the existence or absence of limitations of time and style frames for which the Historically Informed Performance is a useful tool or the common misconceptions about this idea by some group of musicians, aiming to establish a basis for the correct application of the Historically Informed Performance idea as a useful work method by any kind of musician and leading to a final reflection about the future development of the Historically Informed Performance ideal.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsHistorically Informed Performance, Early Music, Modern Musician, Work method, Historical sources, Performance Practice, historically informed performance, Modern musician, Early music, historical sources, performance practice
last modified11/07/2022
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