Gandhi King Ikeda - Peacebuilders Exhibition (2022)

Andrea Moneta

About this exposition

This exhibition was designed by the author at Nottingham Trent University, Newton Building (2-5 May 2017) and Broadway Cinema Gallery (6-12 May 2017) in Nottingham, UK. Commissioned and funded by the UK branch of Soka Gakkai International, a worldwide network of lay Buddhists; it was inaugurated by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Mohammed Saghir, NTU Vice Chancellor Edward Peck and SGI-UK General Director Robert Harrap. The exhibition, originally conceptualised by Dr. Lawrence Carter, Dean of Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, USA, has not been just focused on the life and work of these three extraordinary men, but was especially aimed at realising a physical space to start a process of inner transformation as an individual, as an initial to act to change society and the environment. Moneta selected and designed for two locations as places for dialogues about peace: Nottingham Trent University, for its fundamental role in education as a key to improve social cohesion; the Broadway Gallery in the Lace Market, to promote an active role for peace in the heart of social and cultural life of Nottingham. Featuring photos and information about Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Daisaku Ikeda, viewers had the chance to engage with lofty ideals and principles within the grasp of their own daily existence, but also to explore the significance of true dialogue with an opportunity to listen, meet and share thoughts with others. Based on Ikeda’s philosophy of ‘inner disarmament’ and ‘human revolution’, a Conversation Cafe’ has been designed as an invitation to partake in ‘Dialogues’, for listening to self and others in a safe environment. The number and quality of these ‘Dialogues’ and their feedback demonstrated the importance of establishing a direct connection with each single person visiting the Exhibition to promote action for peace.
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FRANCISCO RIOS 06/04/2022 at 15:08

Hello, thanks for the post.  I'm from Argentina.


I would like to ask how is posible to visualize or download the full exhibition with it's panels.  


It would be great to access that content here in South America for further investigations. 


Thank you. 

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