Discovering the Altera Forma Urbis of Rome through a site-specific project and performance at Garbatella district, Rome (2022)

Andrea Moneta

About this exposition

The aim of the research enquiry was to uncover old and recent past history of Rome through a urban scenography design project that produced an exhibition (output 1: Segni Percorsi) and a sited performance (output 2: Tramandala), in the Garbatella district of Rome. Specifically, the research-led project was initially inspired by the ‘invisible’ structural urban form of Rome, the ‘Altera Forma Urbis’ in the shape of a ‘Star’. The aim was to explore connections with its contemporary structure focusing on the Garbatella district, area of study of the research. The final output (exhibition and a performance) was based on the findings of both historical and experiential analysis of the territory of the Garbatella district. The process in fact, revealed stories and characters that became the content of the storytelling of a site-specific performance for Teatri di Vetro 3, a site-specific theatre festival based in the courtyards of Garbatella’s building lots. Methods used to explore these enquiries involved recent studies by Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Lugli and his son Pier Maria Lugli (2006) on the ‘Altera Forma Urbis’ of Rome; the use of location-based digital technologies (Geo-Blog) for mapping, and Scenarchitecture, a trans-disciplinary methodology developed by Moneta (2012) for reading and interpreting the Genius Loci. The project involved 12 students of Module of Scenography of MA Architecture course at University of Rome La Sapienza, that exhibited their works at Urban Centre of Municipality XI of Rome, and then devised and performed during Festival Teatri di Vetro 3. Output 1 was funded in kind by Roma Europa-Palladium Foundation and output 2 by the Municipality XI of Rome. Feedback collected during the exhibition and after the performance evidenced the engagement of the audience with the ancient and recent past of Garbatella. The dissemination of the work includes two published articles.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsscenarchitecture, site-specific performance, altera forma urbis, garbatella, teatri di vetro, romaeuropa festival, municipio Roma XI
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