Swap Space (last edited: 2022)

Nayari Castillo-Rutz, Shane Finan, Franziska Hederer, Jackie Karuti, Alisa Kobzar, David PirrĂ², Hanns Holger Rutz

About this exposition

Swap Space is a pilot project at KUG Graz that focuses on novel forms of collaborative artistic research in which otherness, difference and distance between the participants are central and are brought into a cohesive form via the concept of the spatial. Selected questions and previously sketched procedures are an important part of Swap Space and will be tested for their validity and feasibility in a time-limited experiment among six artists-researchers as a proof-of-concept. Thus, on the one hand, the pilot project provides important data and preliminary results, sets the course and ensures that the future project design is viable. On the other hand, Swap Space takes up new decisive impulses for thought - such as the concept of contact - the elaboration of which aims to determine the form of a multi-year research project.
typeresearch exposition
keywordscollaborative processes, collaborative spaces, spatial, intermediality, prototyping
last modified27/04/2022
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationUniversity of Music and Performing Arts Graz - KWDS
copyrightSwap Space team
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

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1562720 title800px Hanns Holger Rutz CC BY-NC-SA
1562764 Logo_KUG_Blau KUG Graz All rights reserved
1562769 Screenshot from 2022-03-10 13-32-06 TU Graz All rights reserved
1562774 reagenz-web-inv Hanns Holger Rutz All rights reserved
1563175 Fuller_projection_swap_gray2-places CC0 Public domain
1575377 hotelpupik verein O.R.F. All rights reserved
1575380 meth-swap2b Hanns Holger Rutz CC BY-NC-SA
1611773 HOTEL_PUPIK_04_2022_FRA-group-100dpi Franziska Hederer All rights reserved
1611775 HOTEL_PUPIK_04_2022_FRA-site-100dpi Franziska Hedfer All rights reserved
1611776 HOTEL_PUPIK_04_2022_FRA-site-100dpi Franziska Hedfer All rights reserved
1611781 HOTEL_PUPIK_04_2022_FRA-site-100dpi Franziska Hederer All rights reserved

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