Social D[ist]ancing (2022)

Adrian Artacho, Pilgrim Hanne

About this exposition

Out of the struggle of dancers and performers in general to pursue artistic collaboration amidst social distancing restrictions, a particular kind of network artistic practice seems to be nevertheless flourishing; one that relies on webcamsas windows into a shared collaborative space. As part of the ongoing artistic research project Social d[ist]ancing, participants are encouraged to create choreomusical works that delve into the idiosyncrasy of the webcam language, using only freely available tools for networked collaboration. Beyond exploring the aesthetics of this particular medium, the presented case studies also reveal a transformative process that requires artists to re-examine the fundamental conditions for group creativity and artistic collaboration.
typeresearch exposition
keywordscollaboration, videoconference, social distancing, dance, Eurhythmics
last modified25/05/2022
share statusprivate
affiliationUniversity of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
copyrightHanne Pilgrim, Adrián Artacho
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inSAR Conference
portal issue1. SAR conference - presentation archive
external linkhttps://sociald-ist-ancing.blogspot.com/

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1595107 Caredareshare main logo kopi - copy Jonas Sjøvaag All rights reserved
1595114 Action-shot-trimmed - copy Joel Diegert, Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC
1595120 stockvideo_02049k - copy Jonas Sjøvaag All rights reserved
1595131 Meta_mosaic Adrian Artacho All rights reserved
1595133 SAR-dist_129 Adrian Artacho, Hanne Pilgrim All rights reserved
1595137 National Company of Wales Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND
1595143 videoconferencing Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND
1595145 closeups Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND
1595151 padlet Hanne Pilgrim CC BY-NC-ND
1595165 phrase-eyes Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND
1595176 perilous Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND
1595181 phrase-centerloch Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND
1595188 mariama Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND
1595190 dalma Adrian Artacho CC BY-NC-ND

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