interwoven: ADHD and the Creative Mind (last edited: 2024)

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Initiated by Christopher Kelly, interwoven: ADHD and the Creative Mind explores one's coming to terns with being diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood by means of crocheting, and dancing.
typeresearch exposition
last modified14/03/2024
statusin progress
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copyrightpavleheidler, Christopher Kelly
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

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1722524 2022 intervowen 1 pavleheidler CC BY-NC-ND
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1722540 2022 intervowen 3 christopher kelly, pavleheidler CC BY-NC-ND
1722543 2022 interwoven 4 pavleheidler CC BY-NC-ND
1722544 2022 interwoven 5 pavleheidler CC BY-NC-ND
1722547 2022 interwoven 6 pavleheidler CC BY-NC-ND
1722549 2022 interwoven 7 pavleheidler CC BY-NC-ND

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