I'll make a sweater out of this, I swear (2022)

Hubert Thériault

About this exposition

This exhibition is a collection of the past work leading to Hubert's latest movement research: “I’ll make a sweater out of this, I swear”. His researches are centered around entanglement and the diffraction of Quebec’s colonial history as well as the navigation in familial lineage. This exhibition shows the process of unbecoming and of mixing and knitting oneself with others’ tread.
typeresearch exposition
last modified12/11/2022
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copyrightHubert Thériault, Uarts.
licenseAll rights reserved
published inResearch Catalogue

Simple Media

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1787802 2018-06-10 DSCN3727_1 Hubert Thériault CC BY-NC-ND
1787818 245016567_117189517380529_6489111205321673454_n Inigo Lasheras Cobos. All rights reserved
1787845 A way we are passing through Hubert Thériault All rights reserved
1787849 TRailer Leopld Hubert Thériault All rights reserved
1788483 51938829976_579cb1874f_o Isabella Astolfi CC BY-NC-ND
1788487 51938910948_cefd1d4034_o Isabella Astolfi CC BY-NC-ND
1788491 Hubert Theriault_ credit Yves Gignon3 Yves Gignon CC BY-NC-ND
1788492 Yves Gignon 2 Yves Gignon CC BY-NC-ND
1788493 Yves gignon Yves Gignon CC BY-NC-ND
1788495 IMG_0383 moi CC BY-NC-ND
1788844 Hubert RAA Hubert Thériault CC BY-NC-ND
1788869 Sans titre-1 (10) Hubert CC BY-NC-ND
1788926 1-Hubert Hubert CC BY-NC-ND
1788927 2-Hubert Hubert CC BY-NC-ND
1799737 1E0A1268 Roxanne Ross CC BY-NC-ND
1799740 1E0A1265 Roxanne Ross CC BY-NC-ND
1800542 Audio IF NEEDED ONLY_Hubert Thériault Hubert CC BY-NC-ND
1800548 sequence_stLaurent Hubert CC BY-NC-ND

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