The Dramaturgical Ultimatum (last edited: 2023)

Lina Persson

About this exposition

The dramaturgical ultimatum - staying with open-ended-ness 50% seminar of performative storyworlds a research project by Lina Persson For this seminar we will explore acts/practices as knowledge, the act as art, the university as a place for art making, storymaking together with the present time/place and working with narratives inside dominant story-worlds. In this artistic research project I create and embody imaginary storyworld premises in order to restructure how I perceive and react to my contexts, (within me find ways to resist dominant structures). The core of the project is the dynamic interplay between a growing fiction storyworld called NRE and the everyday life, how to interweave them through worldings*. I will try to demonstrate this in the seminar by interweaving the place/time/act of this seminar with the storyworld. The place is the University. The act is an ultimatum. The time for the 50% seminar is the present, a present that also contains a manifestation of a future, of an assumed endpoint, a "final seminar". But as this research aims to divert from such set manifestations of the future, aims to stay with an open-ended-ness, I have conditioned this assumed endpoint with an ultimatum that I hope could pave way for a more diverse array of narrative trajectories. In the light of this I want to remind you not to see this seminar as an event where results, what has been done up till now, will be disclosed. (that is shared here: https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/1747846/1747796 ). But as a moment where we can in real-time, together explore how this research works, without the possibility of knowing beforehand what will happen. At the moment this attempted mapping is neither finished nor fully graspable to myself, but I am confident that more pieces of the puzzle will fall in place during the seminar. *WORLDING - A term from material feminist thought about making "cuts" in the world, enacting interventions that produce the world we inhabit. Worlding is acknowledging the relations, how I am entangled in the world, while acting. The concept of worldings resonate with my artistic practice a lot, my main interests are in systems and “wholes”, the full range of things, from material and structural to epistemological and ontological. I prefer to make interactions on all levels simultaneously in order to trace their effects, how they are connected, how they interact and affect each other. I see life and the world as a collective process, an ongoing narration. I tap into these ongoing narratives, make small contributions, deviate things a bit in order to shift the meanings. I use inner imaginary worlds to push my perspective on what actions are possible. Sometimes I refer to it as fanfiction.
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