What impact can the use of "worlding" have in a dance practice? (2024)

Hannah Krebs

About this exposition

This is an approach to understand how life action role play can be used in a dance performative context and how it informs the body in relation to another time and space into a dance quality.
typeresearch exposition
last modified21/03/2024
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copyrightHannah Krebs
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inStockholm University of the Arts (SKH)
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2021635 photo_2023-02-12_20-31-03 Hannah Krebs Public domain
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2023769 Momentaufnahme 1 (08.07.2021 15-58) Johanna Pigors Public domain
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2023834 Wolkenprojektion Youtube Public domain
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2024027 Addoresearch1 Hannah krebs Public domain
2024038 Addoresearch2 Hannah krebs Public domain
2069860 "Commercial Polaryte HD sunglasses" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKz4S4vHzjM&list=FLL5w6SlWhXluW-QODVTBB0w&index=17 Public domain
2069994 Sunglasses Hannah krebs Public domain
2072132 video_2023-04-10_19-35-33 Hannah krebs Public domain
2072148 Excerpt "4ever waiting 4u" Lorenzo Carly Public domain
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